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SMB Technology Buying Trends

A new report from AppDirect—the technology platform that powers AppSmart.

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SMBs That Work with Advisors Experience Greater ROI

Key Takeaways From the Report

  • More SMBs are purchasing from advisors—28% of SMBs purchase software from technology advisors, up from 21% 2017
  • The majority of SMB companies have at least some difficulty using new SaaS solutions—84% have challenges with maintenance, troubleshooting, adoption, and other areas.
  • Using multiple SaaS vendors results in wasted time for most SMBs—70% of SMBs believe that they spend more time than they should interacting with SaaS vendors and processing invoices because they use multiple SaaS suppliers
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New Data on How SMBs Are Adapting

  • SMB Cloud Adoption

    Explains SMB cloud adoption trends, as well as the increasing use of other technology, such as IaaS and IoT.

  • SMB Technology Buying Preferences

    Digs into where SMBs prefer to buy cloud-based solutions, the role that providers and advisors play, and what factors influence their decisions.

  • Technology ROI for SMBs

    Examines what factors deliver a high ROI for SMBs that invest in business technology, such as working with a knowledgeable advisor.

  • Cloud Challenges for SMBs

    Details the challenges that SMBs face when buying, deploying, and managing cloud, including the lack of self-service options from providers.

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