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AppSmart Technology Advisors have helped IT Leaders secure better provider contracts, make better decisions, and save money on recurring services since 1990.

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With your vendor-neutral AppSmart Technology Advisor, you get one source for connectivity, cloud infrastructure, cloud security, and Software as a Service.

Your stack should all work together as one, so shouldn't you buy them from the same advisor? Manage your entire stack through a single AppSmart dashboard.

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  • “AppSmart helped us go beyond email migration. They helped architect our network and our active directory, which in turn helped us increase our security.”

    Rich Santos

    Director of IT, Participant Media

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  • “AppSmart’s Azure experience assisted with our transition and getting over that initial hump of getting it set up. This is the first time I feel like I have a true partner.”

    William Brandle

    Director of IT, CKC

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  • “Thanks to AppSmart, our IT expenses are predictable, computer uptime is reliable, and hardware worries are nonexistent.”

    Andrew Stewart

    President, Empire Properties

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