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AppSmart Acquires Master Agent Telegration in Strategic Expansion

Telegration becomes an AppSmart Company

By Van Murray / Sep 09, 2019

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On-Net vs. Off-Net

You've probably heard the terms On-Net and Off-Net since they are being thrown around as the latest buzzwords. It's likely that you've even sold both on-net and off-net services. Let's take a look at what these terms typically mean.

By Cory Dzbinski / Sep 05, 2019

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WTG Integrates with AppSmart, Relaunches with Platform that Delivers Pioneering Technology to Agent Channel

The first-of-its-kind merger combines a telecom master agent and a cloud service provider to offer channel expertise and the most diverse portfolio of business solutions.

By Van Murray / Sep 04, 2019

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Industry Trends & Insights

The largest modern business challenge, may not be what you would expect

According to Ponemon Institute, the industry's gold standard benchmark research, the average total cost of a data breach throughout the world grew to $3.86 million.

By Cory Dzbinski / Sep 01, 2019

Mesh network
Wireless / Mobility

Wireless Mesh Networks

What is mesh networking and why should businesses use it?

By Cory Dzbinski / Aug 01, 2019

Cloud Solutions

Steps to seamless cloud connectivity.

For those eager to embrace cloud, organizations must secure seamless connectivity between the business, users, and Cloud Service Providers.

By Cory Dzbinski / Jul 01, 2019