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Monetize the business you’ve built over the years. AppSmart Invest pays you upfront capital based on your business's monthly recurring commissions and empowers your business with the industry's leading technology services platform.

Smart Funding for Business Owners

Banks and private equity firms don’t understand your business, and they can’t accelerate your business’s growth after payout like AppSmart Invest can. AppSmart Invest was built for Technology Advisors like you, so you can enjoy all the benefits of selling your business, plus the freedom to grow it on the AppSmart Platform.

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  • Upfront Day One Payment

    Get rewarded immediately with a big upfront payment when the deal closes while benefiting from advantages not available in traditional M&A.

  • Upside Growth Potential

    The more your business grows, the more you get paid. Reap the rewards of residual payments as your book of business grows with AppSmart.

  • Evergreen Commissions

    Receive a residual payment monthly which is calculated upon your business at the time of close.

  • AppSmart's Back Office

    Leverage AppSmart’s efficiency to enhance growth and profitability.

Fast and Fair Value for Your Business

Take the stress out of the process with our transparent timeline and transition process. Our efficient transaction process results in expedited closing. Founders close in less than 90 days. You don’t need a broker unless you want one, which means more money in your pocket.

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Help 2X 1

Freedom to Choose Your Own Path

  • Relax

    Step back and spend time doing what you love. Continue as an evangelist for your business. No complex earn-out covenants.

  • Simplify

    Put your sales expertise to work without the day-to-day hassle and risk of managing your business operations.

  • Grow

    Since you keep your brand, you can continue selling under it while enhancing it with the power and experience of AppSmart.

  • “I looked at other potential partners and thought, ‘they’re just a bigger me.’ We needed to look beyond what a master agent looks like in 2020, and I think AppSmart has the secret sauce to say ‘Hey guys, it’s different now and it will never be the same again.’”

    Bill Mansfield

    President, On Track Communications

    Asset 35
  • "AppSmart provided me the flexibility and freedom to grow that I couldn't find anywhere else."

    Tony Cheng

    President and CEO, Netstar Communications Inc.

    Tony Cheng
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    We Want to Invest in You

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    Are you a business owner with a book of revenue who wants an upfront cash-out, and an ongoing residual commission?

    Do you want unlimited growth potential?

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