Google – and how you can use it as the vendor to start or accelerate your cloud selling

Tap into new sources of SaaS revenue to expand your business starting with Google Workspace.

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Google Workspace Is Tech Advisors’ Next High Growth Opportunity

It’s no secret that SMBs are accelerating their adoption of cloud-based software, and as a result, are looking for a partner to help guide them through their journey. Don’t wait to add significant value to your customers while tapping into new sources of SaaS revenue to expand your business. An easy place to start? Google Workspace. Google Workspace gives you the perfect opportunity to have a cloud conversation with your customers. Check out the resources outlined below.

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Google is Building its Google Workspace Platform

  • Flexible: With the ever-increasing trend to remote and hybrid work, for many companies and their employees, work is no longer a place to go, but rather a place to get things done. Because Google Workspace is cloud-based, it gives users the ultimate flexible work experience. Users can access, work on, and share any file from their phone, laptop, or desktop.
  • Helpful: Google Workspace is a complete solution that thoughtfully interconnects workflows between all of its productivity apps—including docs, slides, spreadsheets, chat, email, video calls, tasks, and other apps. Users can seamlessly move from one app to the other from any app they currently have open. Coupled with Google’s legendary search capabilities, this ease of use supports digital transformation objectives and makes for happier, more satisfied employees.
  • Trusted: Because Google Workspace is cloud based, all of your data is stored in the cloud, making it easier to secure. Google uses multiple layers of security— the most advanced in the world—to protect your data and your privacy while it’s stored and in transit, to automatically stop threats before they reach you,
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By developing a SaaS practice, you will increase the confidence and reliance that your customers place on you as a valued and trusted advisor who can support both their legacy and SaaS needs and help them build a thriving business.

Tap into new sources of SaaS revenue to expand your business starting with Google Workspace. Complete to form to get started today.