Why AppSmart

AppSmart Messenger

Less emails, faster communication, easier project coordination.

Where Communication Thrives

Increase productivity via workplace messaging and bring all your team’s communications to one place, with messaging across mobile and PC, instant search and a wide array of options. With AppSmart Messenger bring people together, discuss ideas, share information, assign tasks, track team progress, simplify all your cloud managed services and enhance communication.

AppSmart Messenge

Work Smarter, Not Harder

  • Do More, Save Time

    Do more in less time, with less email using searchable, topic-based messaging

  • Solve Problems

    Solve problems faster with team groups that assemble the right people and information

  • Collaborate Anywhere

    Collaborate anywhere with cross-device access to vital communications

  • Accelerate Conversations

    Accelerate conversations with easy sharing of past team discussions

  • Optimize Projects

    Utilize the AppSmart Messenger business collaboration tools to optimize project management.

  • Group Channels

    For instances when only specific team members and guests need to be part of the conversation.

Why AppSmart

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