Why AppSmart

AppSmart Insights

Deliver business data you can customize, analyze and share with your entire team.

Intelligent Business Insights

AppSmart Insights dashboards collect and display data about your company into a unified dashboard to help you make the best decisions to drive your business and manage all your cloud migration services. AppSmart Insights also provides flexible solutions for real time reporting, data analytics and visualization for your cloud managed services.

AppSmart Insights

Centralized Monitoring & Management

  • Everything in One Place

    Centralized monitoring for your company. You can even mix-and-match metrics from different services on a single dashboard. Choose the visualizations you want and decide how and where you want to see your company metrics.

  • Customize Everything

    AppSmart Insights allows you to make your data look just right for any type of audience. From matching your corporate colors to putting in goal lines, we make sure that you can get your unique message across.

  • Everyone on the Same Page

    Automated data syncing guarantees that everyone is seeing the same numbers, improving communications and unity across your entire organization.

  • Informed at a Glance

    Clean and concise visualizations communicate the health of your business quickly.

Why AppSmart

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