Why AppSmart

AppSmart Identity

Securely connect everyone to everything.

A seamless user experience

Connecting with people, applications and devices is a key requirement of digital transformation. AppSmart Identity provides identity and access management for every user across all applications to all interconnected systems to securely access and manage your cloud migration services and all other services from a single place.

Seamless User Experience

Enhance user experience

  • Single Sign-On

    Users don’t want to remember multiple passwords. With single sign-on, uses can access business systems with one account ensuring a seamless user experience for all their cloud migration services and cloud managed services.

  • Security

    With multi-factor and strong authentication users can make sure that the identities that access business systems are fully verified. Policy-based MFA prevents unauthorized users from accessing corporate data with passwords alone.

Secure Directory Integration

One place for all your cloud managed services eg. manage all your users, groups and devices.

  • Delegated authentication to AD or LDAP
  • AD password policy enforced with clear end-user error messages
  • Password management
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Why AppSmart

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