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We provide complete customized IT solutions supported by concierge-like service – all from one company. Proceed with confidence.


AppSmart makes cloud simple

AppSmart removes the confusion and uncertainty of selecting the right cloud solutions for your business. We have a diverse number of applications for almost any business need, and outstanding in-house expertise to provide customized business solutions.

AppSmart G Suite Desktop

Office Productivity

AppSmart makes sure your staff has the best from Google, Microsoft and other top cloud providers. Everybody benefits when your people get their work done more quickly and efficiently — customers, vendors, partners, and investors.

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Customized Solutions

Take Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, and more wherever you go: Around the office or across continents, cloud apps make you more productive and collaborative.

Mobility: The best cloud productivity apps work with smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, so people can get critical work done anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection.

Flexibility: Our experts mix and match options from the top cloud software services to make sure you get just what you need and don’t get stuck paying for services you don’t use.

Simplicity: We handle the complexities of configuring, optimizing and managing your apps, so your IT people have more time to get their work done and focus on serving your customers better.

File Sharing

AppSmart has the solutions and the associated services to get the most out of collaboration for any application for eg. Office 365 small business or G Suite for small business.

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AppSmart File Sharing

Strong security and compliance: Encryption keeps files and communications secure in transit. We also make sure sharing complies with relevant privacy regulations.

Easy, efficient viewing: View files of every size across all the most common formats. Intuitive interfaces make it easy for users to view and comment on files.

Streamlined file management: We can coordinate all of your sharing apps from a unified platform, reducing stress on your IT team.

Fast backup and recovery: Back up directly from G Suite for small business and Office 365 small business into a dedicated cloud-to-cloud app and easily recover lost files.


AppSmart helps you transition to secure, economical cloud servers. You get a consistent, secure, fee-based cost structure and an opportunity to slash your capital expenses.

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AppSmart Industry Solutions

Simplicity: Dump your data center and forget about upgrades, configurations and other infrastructure hassles.

Economy: Cloud storage is an easy-to-understand, service- based model. You pay only for what you actually use.

Security: Cloud storage providers have some of the strongest security standards, ensuring protection of vital data.

Voice and Communications

AppSmart helps you easily give a voice to common business functions.

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AppSmart Communication

Calling: Cloud-based systems replace desktop phones and keep everybody talking on any device.

Collaboration: Powerful conferencing tools keep all your people in the loop no matter where they are.

Automation: Voice-command systems can transform customer service and production environments.

Backup, Storage, and Security

Whether you're looking for compliance solutions, insurance or just peace of mind, AppSmart has you covered with industry leading backup and layered security solutions.

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AppSmart Backup Storage Security

Backup and Recovery: We can help you develop a program for secure backup and timely recovery so you’re never left unprepared in a cyber attack or natural disaster.

Compliance: Does your organization have specific retention, encryption or data storage location requirements? AppSmart has the extensive partnerships to make sure you are fully covered.

Security: With the prevalence and sophistication of today's cyber attacks, AppSmart is here to make sure you have all the tools you need to stay protected and the support you need, when you need it.

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