Tech-Gofer and AppSmart

Tech-Gofer and AppSmart together are your dynamic resource for leading managed Cloud Solutions and services. We offer you access to thousands of solutions while learning your business needs and objectives to pinpoint exactly which applications are best for your unique bundle.

With By AppSmart, your organization gets the most out of your cloud applications.

  • Greater ROI through increased usage enabled by our dedicated team of Cloud Success Specialists.
  • All-inclusive premium support the way you want it. Call, chat, email or schedule a time.
  • Truly unlimited support for end-users and admins.
  • On-demand operational guidance ensures your team has the resources they need to leverage each application to achieve optimal productivity and efficiency.
  • Cloud Management Suite included.
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As our customer, it is Tech-Gofer's goal that you receive the best care and guidance throughout your journey on the AppSmart Marketplace.

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