Build Your Cloud and Microsoft Teams Sales Funnel

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Free Envision Session With an AppSmart Expert and Your Customer

At AppSmart, we know that business software is often sold, not bought. It takes active participation from trusted advisors and technology experts to engage customers, discovers their specific needs, and help them make sound technology choices.

To increase the volume and velocity of your Microsoft cloud business, AppSmart is offering a new pre-sales support experience—a 60-minute, action-oriented session with you, your customer, and an AppSmart cloud solution expert.

This is the first in a series of upcoming Envision session topics that will showcase how your customers can use Microsoft solutions to adapt, evolve, and thrive in a new era of cloud productivity.

The area of focus for this first session is Microsoft Teams—an ideal place to start because it’s easy to implement and offers immediate benefits.

What you’ll get

  • New Microsoft sales opportunities—Increased order volume and rapid access to recurring monthly commissions
  • Gateway for upselling other cloud solutions
  • Increased knowledge and experience with every meeting
  • Consolidated position as your customer’s single-source trusted advisor

What your customers will get

  • A simplified purchasing experience with immediate results
  • Solutions that meet their business needs and deliver value

How does it work?

  • Start a conversation with your customer and spark their interest in attending an Envision session
  • Book the meeting
  • AppSmart makes all the arrangements and does the prep work for you
  • Attend the session
  • AppSmart handles the order process. You start earning commissions.

Unlock new Microsoft cloud business opportunities. Book Your Envision Session now.