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AppSmart represents the democratization of technology. Our Marketplace is your one, simple resource for the cloud apps and services needed to achieve your unique business goals.

Powering business success with technology

Born in the cloud in 2009, AppSmart has grown into the industry-leading standard for IT buying and reselling. Our tightly integrated cloud ecosystem brings together top solutions, the most trusted affiliates, and our team of Cloud Success Specialists to globally enable and support organizations in obtaining desired business outcomes.

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We sell, migrate, and manage hundreds of thousands of cloud services for organizations like:

Corporate Responsibility

At AppSmart, we believe in enabling all organizations to transform and thrive by migrating to the cloud for access to tools that boost productivity, collaboration, efficiency, and more. This especially includes non-profits both in our local community of Raleigh, NC and all over.

Locally, we support the Activate Good mission to increase volunteerism in our community. Each AppSmart team member is encouraged to take a company provided volunteer day to contribute to the growth of charitable organizations in the community.

AppSmart Corporate Responsibility
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