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Industry Trends & Insights

Cloud has created new expectations for customer service

Cloud has changed the customer service landscape, and your customers expectations.

By Cory Dzbinski / Nov 14, 2019


Push button alerts may be the new mandatory IoT

Employees who work alone in hotel rooms may soon be required to carry panic button devices.

By Cory Dzbinski / Nov 11, 2019

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Cloud Solutions

Staying connected to your SaaS requires the right cloud connectivity

In a cloud based world of SaaS, the right connectivity, is as important as the software itself.

By Cory Dzbinski / Nov 01, 2019

Security / Compliance

National Cyber Security Month 2019 Week 4 - The most effective security beyond the firewall

Firewalls must be in place or networks would be taken over in seconds. Beyond the firewall, employee awareness training is the single most effective way to secure an organization.

By Cory Dzbinski / Oct 17, 2019

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Security / Compliance

National Cyber Security Month 2019 Week 3 - Human error poses one of the biggest risks to organizations

No matter how skilled an organization's employees are, they can still represent the biggest risk to security.

By Cory Dzbinski / Oct 10, 2019

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Security / Compliance

National Cyber Security Month 2019 week 2 - Building Cyber Resilience

Cyber resilience can mean many things to different organizations, but generally it’s about strategically implementing preventive measures to ensure full preparation for whatever security risks come your way.

By Cory Dzbinski / Oct 03, 2019